Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is a technique that allows the practitioner to offer a Reiki session without the client being in the same room or geographic location. In other words, the practitioner is able to transmit Reiki without physical touch.

How Does the Distance Reiki Session Work and What Should I Expect?

Setting aside a specific time for the treatment enables you to be in a more receptive state (such as lying down or meditating during the session).

Clients often notice physical sensations during the Distance Reiki session, just as they might when receiving a session in person. These might include warmth, tingling, or a sense of peace and relaxation. You might also notice the mind-calming down or the alleviation of physical symptoms. Sometimes people feel quite alert and aware during the session, while others drift off. Some people may have a release and feel like crying, this is totally acceptable, normal, and happens quite often.

Potential benefits are the same as an in-person session and may include:

Helping you to ground and center yourself

May ease anxiety and depression

Improves sleep

Balances mood and your emotions

Enhances your body’s ability to heal itself

Relieves pain and physical discomfort

At the end of the session, take a few minutes, or longer, to process everything from the session by taking a few deep breaths and sitting up slowly. Take a nap if you can, we process so much when we sleep so this can be very powerful. Listen to your body and rest and move accordingly. Some people may experience a detox so it is very important to drink lots of fluids after a session to help your body process.

Does Virtual Reiki work?

While we often forget this, we are all interconnected by a beautiful cosmic consciousness. In this way, I can send Reiki and you can receive regardless of time and distance. Sometimes focusing on this interconnection can be very helpful at the beginning of the session.

What Should I Do To Prepare For My Session?

In advance of the session, you can email me a photo if you like or any information you would like to share along with an intention of what you want the session to support. For example, you can request help with a challenge, goal, or physical issue.

Please Note: I will email you when I start and finish the session. I will share with you by email what I experienced during the session and you are free to ask questions. If you feel you may need a more in-depth conversation you can book a 30-minute follow up at another time. I also offer a virtual type meeting for Reiki if you would like to be present while the energy is moved for you.

I prepare for my sessions in the same manner as I do for in-person treatment. At the appointed time, I will focus on you and direct the Reiki energy using the symbols and hand positions that I was taught to places on your body similar to the way I do when a client is in person on the massage table.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down where you will not be disturbed for 30-45 minutes. While it’s not necessary for our session if you like you can create a healing space for yourself by:

Wearing comfortable clothing

Meditating beforehand

Setting your intention to heal yourself

Lighting a candle

Playing relaxing music

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions the day before our session begins. I am here to help and make this a safe space for you.


45-60 minute remote session- 45.00

45- minute virtual session- 65.00

30 minute follow up session- 25.00

I accept payment through Venmo and Paypal. I ask that payment is made the day we confirm your appointment. Thank you.