As the rose opens and shares its beauty with the world, so can you. Open yourself and receive Universal Love.  Experience peace and wholesomeness through REIKI.

Reiki Energy sessions: $40.00
A session usually lasts one to one and a half hours.

I also offer packages at a reduced price for more than one session. Please contact me for more information.

Classes are offered in:
  • First Degree $175.00
  • Second Degree $250.00


By learning Reiki in one of my classes you will have a tool to use that will help you cope with this hectic and stressful world.

The secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases

  • Just for today, do not anger
  • Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
  • Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
  • Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.

Pray these words to your heart

and chant these words with your mouth

Usui Mikao


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