Checking in….how are you?

Yes, it’s been a bit since I have posted. Life seems to have gotten in the way like it sometimes does. Like everyone else, there are family things, work things, and just taking care of ourselves things. I am getting ready to start my 11th year of working in education and I can say there are moments of sheer excitement and joy that happen and then moments of “oof, I am a bit scared.”

One day at a time friends, even sometimes one moment at a time. You’ve got this!

What is something new you are getting ready to do?

Giving Change a Chance

Let’s admit first of all the world can be hard right now. There have been so many changes in our lives in the past year, things we have had to adapt to, and moments we cannot get back again. Change is hard even in the best of times but during a pandemic…geez.

The one thing I have held on to during all of this is that we are going to come out of this knowing more of what we want going forward no matter our age and hopefully how to start. I have really struggled with that last part though, and to be honest probably the first part a bit as well. Growing up we were taught that going out on a limb to do something risky is not a good thing so overcoming those fears has been challenging.

With the responsibilities of “adulting” comes the guilt of making sure you are doing what is best to support your spouse and children, but what if in reality what is best is not what the world would have you do. How do you navigate what the world expects, taking care of responsibilities and getting all the mundane things done? What I have started doing is journaling, it may seem scary but just moving the thoughts in my brain to a piece of paper or computer screen helps me to release the anxiety or tension that comes with them.

I know you are probably asking how is this going to help me do the adult thing? My thoughts are that it helps me prioritize those thoughts and organize the many possibilities of making it a reality. Journaling also helps me remember how much I have to appreciate as well, which is important in manifesting what it is you do want.

Here are some great ideas on how to begin.

  1. You don’t need a fancy notebook, just use what you have.
  2. Start each session with a list of what you appreciate or are thankful for. Does not have to be a long one.
  3. Realize that some days it will be easier than others to find the words to write. There are days I only have 1 sentence.
  4. Give yourself grace and don’t judge, it’s not a literary contest. Random, roaming thoughts are good too.
  5. Just journal what comes to mind. One day mine was “I really love chocolate.”

I hope this helps you as well. Please remember to give yourself grace during these times and extend it to those around you as well.

It’s already been a year…

Yes, it’s hard to believe that we have been trying to survive this pandemic for a year now. When I see the photo above what comes to mind is how this time has shown me many reflections, not only of others but of myself. I have had to come to some hard truths about how I want to come out of this hopefully, a better person for it. Compassion for others has been at the forefront as we never know what they are going through. Also compassion for myself and what I have gone through as well. I wonder why it is so hard for us to show the same amount for ourselves as we can for others.

I have realized that social media, while it has many good qualities, is a serious place to send yourself into a downward spiral and that taking a break from it is always a good thing. Finding my meditation and Reiki practice again has helped sweep away the cobwebs of apathy that were slowly forming. Getting out in nature and using the sunshine has helped as well and as always talking with a good friend can make things right again.

What have you done to help yourself today?