It’s already been a year…

Yes, it’s hard to believe that we have been trying to survive this pandemic for a year now. When I see the photo above what comes to mind is how this time has shown me many reflections, not only of others but of myself. I have had to come to some hard truths about how I want to come out of this hopefully, a better person for it. Compassion for others has been at the forefront as we never know what they are going through. Also compassion for myself and what I have gone through as well. I wonder why it is so hard for us to show the same amount for ourselves as we can for others.

I have realized that social media, while it has many good qualities, is a serious place to send yourself into a downward spiral and that taking a break from it is always a good thing. Finding my meditation and Reiki practice again has helped sweep away the cobwebs of apathy that were slowly forming. Getting out in nature and using the sunshine has helped as well and as always talking with a good friend can make things right again.

What have you done to help yourself today?